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How to Make Moving Out a Breeze

empty apartment with text overlay that says moving out

We hate to see our residents move on, but if you must, we want to make sure the move-out process is as stress-free as possible!

It may seem surprising, but we want to give you your whole security deposit back. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Remove all items, including trash, from the apartment
  2. Wipe down all horizontal surfaces, including the fridge, cabinets, and window sills
  3. Vacuum/sweep your way out the door

Learn more about our expectations and estimated fees by visiting our security deposit page.

To make things even easier, we have our moving coach, Lianne! Lianne is here to answer any questions regarding the move-out process. She'll even stop by your apartment and walk you through the basics of getting your full deposit back. Email Lianne any questions you may have.

Contact Lianne:

We also provide cleaning and packing services through R+B@Home. Hiring R+B@Home to help you clean or remove those last few items will save you, and us, time and money. If you need help with packing or cleaning, get in touch with R+B@Home to talk about how we can help make your move-out process quick and easy, and help get your deposit back!