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Renewal Season is Here!

Graphic displaying the text: New Year... New Lease!

Spring is a busy time here at Royse + Brinkmeyer, it's renewal season! We love our residents and want to make sure that you get as many opportunities as possible to claim your apartment before we start marketing it to new renters. Last week we sent out notifications that renewal offers had been uploaded to everyone's Resident Portal. We're really excited to see whether our residents are going to renew, so we decided to add an extra incentive to renewing early. Over the next month and a half, we are giving SIX residents
The earlier you submit your renewal, the more chances you have to win:

  • 3 winners will be drawn on February 15th
  • 2 winners will be drawn on March 1st
  • 1 winner will be drawn on March 15th


What to Expect

Over the next few weeks, our staff will be working to get in touch with every resident and talk over renewal offers.
Starting this week we will visit each resident personally to answer any questions you might have regarding the online renewal process and your offer.
After that, we'll continue to reach out via phone, email, or both to check in. We don't want anyone to miss out on renewing their lease, so this may happen more than once.

How to Renew Online

Step 1- Accept Your Renewal Offer

Log into your Resident Portal. Once in your portal, you will see a red banner that reads: "You have a Lease Renewal Offer!" with two clickable links: "Review Offer"; and "Remind Me Later".
You may do either of the following:

  1. Click the "Review Offer" link, and follow the prompts to accept your offer.
  2. Click the "Remind Me Later" link, which will remove the red banner from your dashboard. You will still be able to access the offer by clicking on the "It's time to Renew" link under your Priority Alerts.

You have until 10:00 a.m. on March 15, 2021, to renew your lease. If your renewal is not completed by that time, your apartment could be rented.

Step 2- Sign Your Renewal Agreement

Once you have accepted your Renewal Offer, your Lease Renewal Agreement will be available for your digital signature within 72 hours. You will be notified via email when it is ready to be signed.
To digitally sign your renewal, you will do the following:

Log into your Resident Portal. Under the Priority Alerts Menu, click "Your Lease Is Ready" and follow the prompts. At this time, you will see clickable orange buttons. Click these buttons and follow the prompts to complete the process for the following:

  • Lease Agreement
  • Garage/Parking Renewal (This will only appear if you rent a garage, parking space, or carport)

Once the documents are signed, you will be prompted to exit the lease.

Note: If you have multiple persons on your lease or a co-signer, they must also sign the Lease Renewal Agreement to secure your apartment for another year.


Orange button that says 'secure your apartment'