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'Tis the Season to Help Our Community

Tis the season to support our community with green and orange holly branches around it


Why Our Residents are THE BEST

Over the years we have been blown away by the generosity of our residents. Every November you donate a mountain of toys to Toys for Tots, piles of cards for senior citizens living in care facilities, and when we asked you to sew masks for C-U Public Health, Christie Clinic, and Carle Foundation Hospital you delivered! Since we know our residents are so giving, we want to help provide as many opportunities to support our community as we can.

Our Rent Credits Fundraiser is Back

Last year we decided to give every resident the opportunity to participate in C-U at Home's annual fundraiser, One Winter Night, by offering $25 to either take as a credit towards rent or donate to C-U at Home and have us match it. We raised $15,650 for C-U at Home and gave $5,850 to residents. It was incredible witnessing the generosity of our residents, so we've decided to do it again!

One Winter Night

Each February One Winter Night provides an opportunity for our community to learn about homelessness, raise awareness for our friends without an address, and experience a bit of what it might be like to be outside, overnight, in the coldest part of a Central Illinois winter. Participants commit to spending 12 hours outside in a cardboard box in downtown Champaign on the first Friday in February, as well as raising at least $1,000 to help C-U at Home continue doing all they do to help our community throughout the year.

How You Can Help

If you are a Royse + Brinkmeyer resident, fill out this form to claim your credit and tell us whether you want to take the credit or donate it to C-U at Home. If you donate your credit to C-U at Home, we''ll match it. That's $50 towards supporting the most vulnerable in our community! If every Royse + Brinkmeyer resident donates, we will have helped fund a $75,000 donation to reduce homelessness!

If you aren't a R+B resident and want to donate, or just want to donate more than your credit, you can donate directly to C-U at Home here.

Our Interview with C-U at Home

Our Director of Property Management sits down with Rob Dalhaus III, Director of Development and Community Outreach for C-U at Home, to discuss C-U at Home's mission, impact, and how we're partnering to support the homeless in Champaign-Urbana.