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These cozy duplexes are proudly located adjacent to the prestigous Maynard Lake Subdivision and are known for their beautiful trees. You`ll enjoy privacy, serenity, and comfort. Thanks to us you won`t be doing any mowing or landscaping, we take care of that. There really isn`t anything else like it in town!

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submitted by Joleen W. - |Recommended: YesIt is nice, an older duplex but well maintained — It is a quiet small duplex in a very quiet subdivision. Seems to be very well built, cannot hear the neighbors.... Having a garage is a plus. Overall a nice quiet safe neighborhood. Very reasonable rent too.... Come take a look you will love it
response from property -Thank you, Joleen!!
submitted by Daniel J. - |Recommended: YesSmall but Nice Place to Live for Ten Years — The Royse Brinkmeyer Duplex Apartments at Westwood Village are good places to live in. To begin with, every one seems to have a garage. A nice garage. Every apartment is sturdily built and they seem to be sealed up very well. Mine appeared to have been recently remodeled when I moved in...I kept finding little bits and pieces of old construction and hardware buried in the dirt for a couple of years. You get your own driveway too, so parking is usually never a problem. Some of the apartments have a park for a backyard. The a c seems to be more than adequate for the apartments, and some of the remodels even have new units that are probably very energy efficient. Royse Brinkmeyer did a great job of cleaning my apartment before I moved in. No gunk anywhere. The had a light in every fixture, so I didn't have to run out and buy bulbs on day one. That was nice. When I needed service they were there, generally very quickly. I had two incidents of sewer backup, because of root penetration, and they were there the same day with a sewer service to snake the line. That was great. I had a varmint issue. The soffit on the neighboring apartment pried loose...loose enough for a squirrel or other critter to get in and take up residence in my attic. I called R-B and they said they couldn't find any varmint entry holes. The critter left after I banged on the ceiling for awhile and I later nailed the soffit back into place. No more critter for the next couple of years. They need very little gap to get into the rafters My only real gripe with R-B is the time they decided to add to the insulation in the attic of the Westwood Village apartments. They just showed up one day with a truck, a bunch of workers, and went into each apartment and blew insulation into each attic. Extra insulation was nice when winter rolled around, but the cloud, and the half-inch thick layer of paper fuzz they left in each apartment they insulated, took until winter to get rid of. I'm not sure I got it all. They'll probably be pulling that fuzz out of nooks and crannies forever. I don't remember if it was even announced. I took a day off work to be around when they showed up. Royse Brinkmeyer is a large company. To that end, they rely on email a lot to communicate and to old-schoolers like me, that's just not right. I get tired of well, did you check your email over important things like account balances and extra yearly charges like sewer or garbage. I had the privilege of meeting Ms. Brinkmeyer once a few years ago. At one point, she was spending summers in one of the apartments down the block from me. She's nice. Somehow, laundry machines didn't like me. I had a couple, and they broke. One day I came home and there was this apartment-style' over under unit that was half the capacity of the unit that was there previously. I was kinda bummed about that, but the time they saved me by not having to go to the laundromat was irreplaceable. I appreciated that. Royse Brinkmeyer seems to try to build a sense of community. I know that can be a losing battle, but I appreciate them for trying anyway. They would sponsor socials, halloween parties, and things of that nature. That was nice. They hire out the lawn service and over the years their quality has slipped. They used to be diligent about cleaning up after themselves and nowadays Not so much. Get off the mower and run the blower, fellas At one point, someone decided we needed Cyprus mulch. Big, smelly piles of Cyprus mulch. Bad idea. The aroma wears off in a day, the squirrels have a nut-burial and dig-up party non-stop, and during the summer you get big, ugly fungus growth and mushroom pockets. The fungus growths are fascinating as they're colorful and diverse, but they're mold. And they smell like rot. Overall, I hope I've said as many good things about Royse B. as I have complained about things. Over time, the good and the bad seem to even out. I like renting from them so much I'm moving into another Royse B. property with my GF. I can't say as many good things about that place as this one, but I'm looking forward to the relationship I've established with Royse Brinkmeyer anyway. They seem generally fair. One other thing. About that garage. Its a mouse trap. Almost everything I stored in it, now has mouse raisins on it. And they chewed on anything paper or cardboard they could get their nasty little mouse teeth on. But its a garage, and that's way better than one of those parking stalls in the parking corral outside most apartment buildings. I still consider myself fortunate.
response from property -Thank you for your wonderful feedback, Daniel! You've been a fantastic resident for many years--we look forward to serving you at Misty Cove!
submitted by Chelsea T. - |Recommended: YesAMAZING place to live — This is my first apartment. I've been here since July and I love it I have nothing to complain about and couldn't be happier I very rarely hear my neighbors and the neighborhood itself is very quiet. Maintenance is quick to respond and fix the very few issues I've had. I would recommend this for anyone who is looking to move out for the first time or is looking for a small, quaint apartment and neighborhood
submitted by Steven G. - |Recommended: YesVery happy here — Staff is very professional apartment was extremely clean when moving in maintenance is the best
response from property -Thank you, Steve! We love having you as our resident!!
submitted by Maria L. - |Recommended: YesVery quiet and peaceful neighborhood. — Westwood Village is great for singles or couples wanting a peaceful and quiet neighborhood. Having your own driveway and garage for additional storage space is very convenient for your car s especially during winter. Having an in-house washer and dryer plus fireplace is also awesome. They allow small pets like cats birds too. The area is also safe per crimereport.com, and there is a nearby park Robeson for walking jogging running. Really a great place to live.
submitted by Kimberly F. - |Recommended: YesCommunity Friendly — Comfortable, quiet neighborhood. Close to everything. I like having a garage and my own garden. Maintenance is always very prompt Loved living here so much I came back after 3 years away.
response from property -Thank you, Kim! We are so happy to have you back!!
submitted by Brenda A. - |Recommended: YesTranquil living — Living at Westwood apartments has been excellent. The units are homey and the amenities ie. fireplace, in-unit washer dryer, and garage make living at Westwood great. I highly recommend it.
response from property -Thank you Brenda!
submitted by Taj A. - |Recommended: YesQuiet Neighborhood in a Convenient Location — I rented an all brick duplex on a quiet street. The neighbors were quiet and friendly. The maintenance staff was timely with indoor repairs and the office staff leasing office always treated me with kindness and respect. My only complaint is that landscaped areas immediately surrounding my unit went unattended to on many occasions. I would have to call the office multiple times in order to have overgrown areas trimmed. Because I am a busy professional who does not have free time to do yard work, I hired an outside contractor to come and beautify my area, including putting down lawn fabric to control weeds. I spent about 500.00 for this and do not think that was a fair situation for me. I wanted the place to look nice, though, and what I paid for should last and provide value for the renter who comes after me.
response from property -Thanks for your review, Taj. We agree that we weren't keeping up with the landscaping as we would have hoped. Shortly before you moved out, we instituted a new 5-year maintenance plan for the grounds and are proud of how it looks today. I'm sorry we didn't come to that conclusion sooner! Thank you for renting from Royse & Brinkmeyer.
submitted by Brenda A. - |Recommended: YesExcellent fit for me — You guys should pay me for singing your praises Safe, friendly neighborhood, excellent staff, maintenance, and response time for repairs and concerns, I like walking in the park at sunset, I've seen such a gift of wildlife and colors
submitted by Joel S. - |Recommended: YesMaintenance makes the difference — The duplex is great and in a wonderful location I love it Maintenance staff have responded to my requests EXTREMELY quickly Thank you so much for that I'm also grateful for the flexible and varied lease lengths.
response from property -Thank you, Joel! We love hearing from our residents, and we are happy you love your home! Thank you for choosing us!
submitted by Kristen M. - |Recommended: YesGreat quite and safe — great, quite and safe
response from property -Thank you for your review, Kristen! We love having you as a resident!
submitted by Judith S. - |Recommended: YesLove the quiet of the neighborhood — Before I moved to Westwood Village - I lived in the apartments on Curtis Road. I enjoyed my apartment and all the room however, I didn't need that much room so found this darling and enchanting little house. Love the quiet and no noise. I would recommend this area to any single or couple who want to enjoy having a house and yard of their own. Great to be able to be in the yard and enjoy entertaining friends outside.
response from property -Judy, thank you for your kind words! We love that you enjoy the quiet, lovely neighborhood we work hard to maintain. It's residents, such as yourself, that truly make this the wonderful neighborhood you describe! Thank you!
submitted by Joshua L. - |Recommended: YesI m satisfied. — It s a little expensive for such a small place and the electric bills are a bit higher than when living in a large apartment building. However, the neighborhood is quiet, neighbors are friendly, and I never have to worry about noise. Also, it s wonderful to have my own yard and garage. I also appreciate the maintenance of the yard and the promptness at which maintenance takes care of repair requests.
submitted by Brandon S. - |Recommended: YesVery quiet and great neighbors — Very convenient location to stores. It is quiet and very nice.
submitted by Judith S. - |Recommended: YesRequest Maintenance is not working from website. — Love this little house!!!!! :-)