Community Living Guides

The following Community Living Guides are assembled to further acquaint you with your home.  There are many things you can do to help maintain your home and make your stay more enjoyable.  However, please keep in mind that comprehensive maintenance is to be done by Royse + Brinkmeyer only.  For additional information about your community, please consult your leasing packet and welcome letter.

The links below are in .pdf format.  Adobe Reader is required to view these documents.  If you do not have Adobe, you may download it for free here


Clark Street                                               
Anthony Drive
Ginger Creek
Stonegate Village
Green Street
Healey Street
Prairie Place
State Street                                        
Westwood Village                              
Prospect Pointe East                      
Prospect Pointe West

Carbon Monoxide Detector Information Sheet                   
EPA Carbon Monoxide Information

City of Champaign Recycling Information

ISGS:  Important Water Usage Facts



I have a leak:  Shut-off water to the leaking water source.  The toilets have water shut off valves underneath the tanks.  The kitchen sink has both hot and cold water shut offs beneath it.  If water is entering your apartment due to outside elements, find a temporary fix with towels and buckets and call us immediately after positioning them.

I am leaving town: During winter months, leave your thermostat “on” and no lower than 60 degrees F.  Failure to do this can and has resulted in frozen water pipes that burst.  Also, be sure to leave your dates of absence and contact information with the leasing office prior to leaving.  If you will be gone longer than just a few days, then you should have the Postal Office hold your mail.  This is easy to do from their website:

I have no electricity:  Have you “tripped” your circuit breaker?  Check your breaker box to see if any of the switches are in the off position.  Reset breaker if needed.  If one outlet has no electricity, check if it is a GFCI and reset if needed (see “Electricity” on your Community Living Guide for more information).  If neither of these fix your problem (and there are other lights on at your Community) then call us immediately.  If there are no lights on at your Community, then call Ameren at 800-755-5000.


I have no hot water The pilot light on your water heater may be out.  Call us right away; and we will relight it for you up until 10pm.  After 10pm will have to wait until the next business day.

 I have no heat or A/C:  Check to see if your A/C or furnace’s breaker has tripped.  If so, turn off the thermostat, reset the tripped breaker and try again.  If this does not work, an old furnace filter may be the culprit.  Try changing the filter or ask us to do it for you.  If this does not fix your problem, then we will respond: 24 hours a day when exterior temperatures are below 32 degrees; up until midnight if the temperature is 33-49 degrees; and we`ll respond the next day if the temperature is over 50 degrees.

No A/C is considered an emergency in the summer if the temperature is above 92 degrees F.  Call us and we will respond as soon as possible.

 My toilet is backed up:  This is a problem we can respond to, but it accompanies a $60 charge and we can respond up until 10pm.  Please be cautious of what goes in your toilet and keep a plunger on hand so you can handle blockage on your own.

 My garbage disposal does not work:  Check if the circuit has been tripped.  If so, turn off the garbage disposal, reset the breaker and try again.  If this does not work, push the red “reset” button underneath the motor of the disposal (see “Appliances” for picture).  If we have to “unclog” your disposal for you, be prepared to pay a fee.  Some items can be particularly troublesome to “dispose” of, so be very cautious of what goes into your disposal.  Always run water when using your disposal.

 I get locked out of my apartment: If we are open, give us a call and we can let you back in.  If you are locked out after our normal business hours, then call Dave and Harry’s Locksmith’s (217-352-5034).  They will charge a fee for their service.  If you are not really locked out and have lost your keys, then we will re-key your apartment.  The fee is $85 for lock change; $15 for a mailbox lock change.  Lock de-icer is a handy and inexpensive tool to carry with you to ensure that your lock does not freeze during winter months.

 I see a bug:  Don`t panic!  Fluctuations in ground moisture can cause ants or spiders to be apparent during certain times of the year.  However, there are some insect or pest situations that are outside of the "norm".  For these instances you may want to hire a Pest control company.  We recommend Weldon Pest Control (217-355-1876).  Making pest control your responsibility allows you to implement the level of pest control you desire.  Furthermore, there are people who object to the chemicals that come with pest control, which is another reason that it is not a good idea for us to spray for pests regularly.  You will likely find that your neighbors are taking as good a care of their apartment as you are of yours; which makes pest problems scarce.