How to Renew Your Lease Online

Step 1- Review Your Renewal Offer

Log in to your Resident Portal. You will see a red banner that reads: "You have a Lease Renewal Offer!". If you don't, you may need to go to your priority alerts and click on "It's time to Renew."

There are two links in the banner: "Review Offer" and "Remind Me Later":

screenshot showing the banner on your dashboard.
  • Review Offer will take you to your lease renewal offer to review and accept.
  • Remind Me Later will hide the alert from your dashboard. You will still be able to access your offer under priority alerts by clicking on "It's time to Renew."

Step 2 - Accept Your Renewal Offer

Click through your renewal offer and confirm the details by following the prompts and clicking the orange buttons.

screenshot of the lease renewal page screenshot of the final page of the renewal offer accpetance

If you are not happy with your renewal offer, contact us to discuss the details with your Community Manager.

Step 3- Sign Your Renewal Agreement

Once you have accepted your Renewal Offer, we will generate your Lease Renewal Agreement within 72 hours. You will be notified via email when it is ready to be signed.

To sign your agreement, you will need to log in to your Resident Portal. Under "Priority Alerts", you can click "Your Lease Is Ready" or navigate to "Documents" and click on "Lease Renewal."

screenshot of documents page with a lease renawal ready to sign

Accept the Terms and Conditions of Electronic Document Delivery to authorize your electronic signature.

screenshot of the final page of the renewal offer accpetance

Begin signing your lease by clicking the orange button that says "Begin Online Lease"

screenshot of the final page of the renewal offer accpetance

Follow the prompts and click through your lease renewal using the orange buttons to complete the process for the following:

  • Lease Agreement
  • Garage/Parking Renewal (if you rent a garage, parking space, or carport)

Sign yout lease by typing your name in the signature box:

screenshot of the review and sign lease documents page

Once the documents are signed, you will be prompted to exit the lease.

Note: If you have multiple persons on your lease or a co-signer, they must also sign the Lease Renewal Agreement to secure your apartment for another year.